What Does An Elevated Photobooth Attendant Do? 

We absolutely LOVE our awesome team of photobooth attendants, they are so essential to our success and always bring the fun! But what does an Elevated attendant actually do?

-Set up and Break down

You never have to lift a finger when you have an Elevated attendant at your event! (At least for the photobooth that is!) Our crew provides everything from the backdrop to the props, and anything in between. They will make sure the photobooth area is set, ready, and picture perfect by go time. Once the event is over they will breakdown their equipment and clean up their area. If you have a photo guest book at your event they will make sure you receive that too!

- Instruct Guests

Our helpful attendants will assist the guests through the entire photobooth experience. Guests will be greeted with a smile and leave having had a fun photobooth session! Once your guests enter the photobooth area they will be assisted with picking props, taking their photo or GIF/Boomerang, texting their photos, and printing their photos! We want your guests to have a stellar experience while interacting with our booths and our team so we go above and beyond to do so!

- Entertain

We have to admit, we think were pretty fun people! Our Elevated attendants are always upbeat and ready to have a great time assisting your guests! You can often find one of us dancing or singing along to our DJ’s music while taking guests photos or joking around with the photobooth goers. With that being said, we strive for very high professionalism and customer service, all fun aside.

Here’s a quote from our graphic designer/ an Elevated Attendant:

“I love being an Elevated Photobooth Attendant because I get to see how much fun everyone’s family and friends have at an event, I LOVE taking photos and helping them create memories together. I also love seeing our clients personality shine through the final product with design touches like template personalization and customized props. Being able to design templates for clients is really fun and my absolute favorite part of my job!”